29 Feb 2012


It feels special, that extra day of February you only get in a leap year.

I've had a good day. I made a postcard sized quilt 'camping' and am quite pleased with it.

This evening Mr Puggle and I attended a Belinda Carlisle concert. I was a big fan while at Uni, so it was great to revisit her music. Actually, it still features heavily on my iPod playlist.

If I'd been to one of her concerts back then, I'd probably have brought a tshirt home. As it is now, I got a souvenir tea towel,and am very pleased with it too.

Last leap year, I blogged on this day, about a round robin quiltI was making. Sadly, I don't think I sewed another stitch on that project, and haven't seen it in years. Not such a bad thing - I don't need another UFO.

23 Feb 2012

Retreated and rested

Well, it was a lovely weekend.  

Good company, lovely destination.
Time to stitch. 
And  by lunch on Sunday, my latest quilt was finished.

I loved making this pattern - it's incredibly simple and effective. It's a Moda Bake Shop design, called Patchwork Chevron Quilt, by Jeni of In Color Order

This quilt's for one of my English nephews. My parents are planning another trip over, so I wanted to take advantage of their services as couriers. I haven't made quilts for any of Australian nephews or nieces (apart from their baby quilts, of course) but it doesn't feel as urgent.  I spend time with these children - I know them, and they know me.  Whereas my English sister's children are disconnected from our lives.  We reconnect with a fortnight of togetherness every couple of years, but it's not the same.

The other really cool thing about this quilt, is that it's my second finished object of the year for AJ's challenge.

14 Feb 2012


It's my favourite type of organising - quilty preparations for an upcoming retreat.

I'm planning to complete a quilt this weekend. It's part of the UFO challenge, but hasn't yet been started. I cut out some squares yesterday to bulk out some charm packs, so am ready to sew now.

In case I finish that (cough, cough) I've ordered a pattern for another quilt to take along.

My only concern is that my body will get too stiff and sore with such intensive sewing. Best take along a book, I guess.

8 Feb 2012

Summer's End

The summer holidays are over.  The last week of the school break was spent decluttering, cleaning and tidying.  My husband was away for work, and the children watched a movie each morning.  The house looks fabulous.  Comparatively, of course.

More to the point, I think the reorganising we've done will help keep the family going in a logical and tidy way.

The main stimulus for this orgy of organising was the visit of my uncle and aunt.  We don't see them often, but love to catch up.  They stayed with us on Saturday night, and we hosted a family dinner for our local relatives.  It was great.  Dinner for 15, and it all went well.  Lovely to talk and share pictures and memories.

On the last day of the children's school holidays, we visited the Zoo.  I haven't been there for a few years now, and was very impressed with the improvements they've made.  In fact, we joined as members so will be visiting again soon.

I have fallen behind in my obligations to Simplify Your Life. I was overwhelmed by the idea of making a family mission statement... and panicked.  I still haven't done a mission statement, but believe I have clarified more in my mind our goals.

So for the next month the goals I will be working on are

*  keeping the new school stuff organisation system going.
*  trying out one new recipe a week.
*  making time to make things EVERY day.
*  participate in #talknt on twitter each week. 

Not in this list but still worth noting because we do them and they are good;
*  menu planning and shopping with a list.
*  seeing family.
*  enjoying the outdoors.

School has been back for two days now - the children are enjoying it, and have shown no reluctance to go.  It's great!

3 Feb 2012

Clown vomit

I've recently come across the phrase 'clown vomit' on a knitting website. Commonly used to describe multicolour fun fur effects.

Which led me to wonder if my new knitting project will look like clown vomit? And is that something I want in my wardrobe?

Quite possibly not. But I think this project still has hope, so I'll keep knitting for a while.

I was thinking all this through at my quilting guild meeting last night, and easily imagining a clown vomit quilt. One of my long term UFOs definitely has potential in this direction. In fact, since the top is finished, I've limited options to change it. Quite possibly the best idea is to choose a lovely backing. And regard it as the front.

2 Feb 2012

Definitely a Potteresque Holiday

As my boy reads the Harry Potter books, we're watching the movies.  He's just finished the Prisoner of Azkaban, so we've re-visited each movie leading up to the new one.

We've also spent a lot of time playing with the Christmas harry Potter Lego haul, and of course some roleplaying.

And playing with the broomsticks Mum made them.