30 Jan 2012

Summer in the Snowies

We were intending to go camping for a few days.  Peace, wildlife, relaxation.

On the morning of our midday departure, I checked the forecast once more (with the Bureau and by ringing a local friend), and cancelled the camping plan.  Too much rain.

DH seized the moment and booked us a few days at Thredbo instead.  It's a ski resort in winter, in summer is reinventing itself with various adrenaline based activities.  The Kosciuszko Express chairlift still operates for walkers and mountain bikers, there's a bobsled track, a waterslide attached to the pool and a golf course.

The kids had a great time.  We rode the chairlift twice (hate, hate heights), the bobsled about twenty times, spent hours at the waterslide and went on several buskwalks.  The wildflowers were blooming, and the whole place smelt fresh and delicious.

I was pleased to find enough time to sew a hexagon table mat for my mother's birthday, and to finish knitting a cardigan that's been a long term project.  Not so pleased to break my glasses, or to miss out on camping, but we had a good, energetic time.

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Lynne said...

We went to Jindabyne in December for our honeymoon way back in the dark ages and, of course, a visit to Thredbo was part our week. Did you go to the thermal pools at Yarrangobilly Caves?