4 Jan 2012

12 WIPs in 2012

In response to AJ's challenge, here are my first Works In Progress I hope to be finishing in 2012.

In no particular order, this WIP is my Kaffe Fassett Log Cabin quilt.  Stalled when I cut the strips to join it with wrongly, and had to order more fabric.  It's big, needs cutting strips, joining blocks and quilting.

I did a class at Addicted To Fabric on these Quilt as you go hexagons.  I have 30 completed hexagons, so may join them as a table runner (or table cloth!)

Another achievable project, a half quilted cushion cover for my daughters room. Needs quilting completed, and turning into a cushion cover.

 And next is the quilt that the cushion cover is supposed to complement.  The quilt top is complete - just needs sandwiching, quilting and binding.  Just.

This the quilt I made for my husband's 40th birthday. He reached that milestone more than a year ago, so it's time to finish.  I've probably done 1/6 of the quilting, so need to finish that and the binding.

These are blocks for a Christmassy quilt.  The blocks are done, I just need to decide upon sashing and borders, sew them, sandwich, quilt and bind.

More beautiful fabrics went into this quilt.  With the benefit of hindsight, it's probably too much patterns all together, but I'd like to finish it anyway.  Top complete, needs sandwiching, quilting and binding.  A very big quilt.

In another class at Addicted to Fabric, I began this lovely tree of life quilt.  In a reversal of the usual, for this project, the quilting is already done.  I've also made around 200 clamshells.  I still need to applique the tree, leaves, birds and clamshells down.  There is a border, involving yet more clamshells, but I may leave it at the centre panel.  Oh yes, and it will also need to be bound.

These are the projects that have already begun, tomorrow I'll possibly dig out the 'piles of fabric with a plan' set of projects to complete my 12. 


The Humming Cat said...

I really like your Christmassy quilt, can't wait to see that one finished.

Maxabella said...

You've always made such beautiful things, Leah. x