12 Dec 2011

Ten random thoughts

1.  My lounge room decor is looking much better now Maggie's here.
2.  Buying a 600ml Diet Coke at the supermarket in Canberra is more expensive than in Disneyworld.
3. Seven days of school remaining, and the children will be tired and cross no matter how much sleep they get.
4. Despite finishing Christmas shopping, I still need to to go the shops at least once daily.
5. School carols nights are rarely hotbeds of musical talent.
6. Fabric paralysis is standing between me and a fabulous new skirt - I wish I could just dive in and start cutting fearlessly!
7. Usually, I'd be complaining about the heat 12 days into December. Instead, I'm missing it.
8. Bells are jingling here, as the kitten climbs the Christmas tree.
9. Test cricket can be wonderfully exciting.
10. Buying a 20-visit pass to the local pool is no guarantee of actually swimming.


Lynne said...

Ah yes, December where are you? You've sent September as a substitute - not good enough I say!

AJ said...

True True and True! Love it!

Maxabella said...

"Fabric paralysis" - love it!!! x