7 Nov 2011

Swim like a fish

Or a mammal.

In the last few days, we've shown our holiday photos to various family members. We've enjoyed it, and I think they have too. It's been nice thinking of little adventures we had during the trip, like getting soaked by orcas at Seaworld. Such a thrill.

My own little mammals had their first day of school-based swimming lessons today. They were fine, although a little tentative. I'm really keen on these classes, as the daily lessons seem to result in more progress than weekly sessions.

DH had the day off, suffering with hayfever, which put paid to my crafting plans. However, the decks are cleared ready for tomorrow.


AJ said...

Looks like fun! Aden is currently obsessed with whales, pola bears and penguins as we have been watching 'Frozen Plant' will have to show him your photo in the morning!

Lynne said...

I agree. I think more progress is made in daily classes but they can forget everything just as quickly so they need to have constant practice. I hoep DH is feeling better soon.