16 Nov 2011

Planning again

Relaxing tonight is difficult - our skies are being patrolled by fighter planes (to protect the visiting President).  Low level grumbling is fairly continuous. By the aircraft, that is. And by the people - our town is a quiet one usually.

So instead, I'm planning.

Next week, I'll be going to Melbourne for two days.  Once again, my husband will be attending a conference, and I will be holidaying.  This time, Mum's coming to stay with the children.  What a treat!  And to add to the treatiness, Mum's excited about having been asked to do this.

So, what's good to do in Melbourne?  I usually go to the Zoo, but this time, with no children, and not the emotional connection I feel with Sydney's Zoo, it might not be on the agenda.

Reading, knitting, a trip to the beach, maybe a movie? 


Lynne said...

Do you like the Botanical Gardens?

I've heard the shopping is great - there's a fabric store called Tessuti's!

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Do you like art? The National Gallery of Victoria is quite lovely. Otherwise if you like shopping, the arcades are a great place to find surprises. Depending on how far you can get, Brunswick and Smith Streets, Fitzroy are nice and hip. Else if you are looking for some quiet time and the weather is good, the Botanical Gardens are lovely.

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

I forgot to add - if you like craft, you may like to check out Craft Victoria - http://www.craftvic.org.au/.