8 Nov 2011

Online Life

I've just spent the last hour trying to gain access to a parenting website.  Having been a member for nearly 11 years, it's been part of my life for a long time.  Having said that, I was surprised at how personally affronted I felt.  Not that I am a big part of the community or anything - I average  1/2 a post per day.  It's just part of my day.

Having finally been readmitted, the first topic that caught my eye was questioning if all blogging is narcissist.  Well.  Possibly.  For me it's more about record keeping, monitoring my own satisfaction, and validation.

When I first realised that everyday people could blog, it was quite an astounding idea.  I was spending all day with my two very small children, and had just moved away from friends and family. Starting my blog gave me an area where I was me. Still a parent, but me.

As I'm reading more widely now, I've come to realise I've missed the boat with making money from my blog - it's not pretty enough, or regular enough, and I'm not selling anything.  I'm interested in those who are, but it's fine that I'm just blogging. This month I'm trying to post daily, but it's Ok if I don't.

And since I hate a post without a picture, here's a wordle of my blog;


Lynne said...

I agree with you in this sentence: "For me it's more about record keeping, monitoring my own satisfaction, and validation."

I took seven months off from blogging. when I returned (Feb 2011) I decided my blog would be what I wanted it to be not what I thought others wanted it to be! That has helped me be a much more reugular blogger!

All the best for daily blogging in November.

Helen said...

Nodded along with this post Leah! I feel I have fallen off the blogging wagon lately, just too busy with unworthy bloggy stuff! But I love looking back at what I was doing this time last year or three years ago. Its a great way to meet people too. x