23 Nov 2011


During the weekend of luxury, we made a family trip to the Bredbo Christmas Barn. It's an enormous, magical, glitterabulous place in a very small town.  We had the perfect ratio of adults:children - one on one.  The children were captivated and enchanted, and each took the task of choosing a Christmas ornament each very seriously.

Personally, I was overwhelmed, and didn't buy anything. I possibly would have if we'd already decorated at home.   There were some adorable glittery birds nests picks that would look lovely on our tree, given the number of glittery, feathery birds that perch on it each year.  They started me thinking of how I could make nests of my own, as hanging ornaments.  Further thinking required.

This afternoon, I saw a bird fly out of a bush in the front yard. Of course, we investigated, and discovered a nest.  Immense excitement - especially since it's just outside our computer/sewing room. We're looking forward to peeking out the window.

Don't bother trying to see the nest in this picture - it was mainly a window shot!

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Lynne said...

Sounds like a lovely place to visit. I'm looking forward to my grandsons being old enough to bring that special magical quality to Christmas!