24 Nov 2011


I really, really need to start writing some lists.

Mum has gone home this afternoon, accompanied by our gratitude, many special drawings, and a little gift or two from Melbourne.

Crafty deadlines are fast approaching - a dolls quilt, and a Christmas ornament.  Children's events are fast approaching - the ballet concert is less than a fortnight away, involving normal lessons, extra lessons, a dress rehearsal, and a hair and makeup lesson for me.  School has a Christmas carols evening, and various special assemblies.

It really is time to find my inner organised person fast - or to fake it till I make it, or some such inspirational message.

Mum and Dad will be coming to the concert, which opens an opportunity for their car to be our sleigh and magically transport gifts.  A fabulous idea, but it does mean that Christmas shopping would have to be completed by the beginning of December.

Thus, time in December would be available for crafting, cooking, maybe even relaxing.... I think I like it.


Tanya said...

I love a bit of a list myself!

Lynne said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!

Would you believe my sister delivered her Christmas presents here (already wrapped) in early October?