2 Nov 2011

Chooky love

I love having chooks in our yard.

They give us lovely eggs - so fresh that the whites stand up, as well as the yolks do.

They also provide cuddles when you're feeling worried. Grade One are doing their end of year tests at present, and we are enduring nightly hysterical sobbing. She's worried because she can't get everything right, and then her grades will fall, and then the world will end. Well, I made up the last one, but that expresses the feelings of horror she's experiencing.

I'm horrified, because this is year one. We've a long, long way to go.

So once again, I'm off to the library, for information on boosting self esteem, relieving anxiety in children, and general how-to-fix-your-children's-worries type books.

After I've read these, it'll be time to return to quilting.

Edited to add; when I arrived at school this afternoon, I asked how the test went. She told me it was fine, and that there was no reason to worry!!!!!


74 Lime Lane said...

Year 1 tests! Wow. Poor mite, although I'm glad she felt it went OK.

We have chooks too, and I love them but they aren't laying at the moment, a very late break and now we don't know what's going on. I miss the eggs!

Lynne said...

I'm dismayed that there is such a level of stress at that age!

I'm glad she came through okay!