25 Nov 2011

Bananas are back, baby

It's such a relief to have banana prices down again - after the cyclone and floods, they've been precious fruit. But now the prices have dropped, the bananas have the chance to become overripe on the bench, which results in luscious blueberry, raspberry and almond banana bread. Yum!


dixiebelle said...

I still occasionally bought some at $12.98/kg, then a few more once then dropped to $10.98/ kg & &7.98/kg, but I went a little, ah, bananas, when they got to $5.98/kg... even managed to make a Banana Cake (with one bought back from school looking rather brown!). My husband came home with a massive bunch last night, said they were $2.98 I think!! Though they come all the way from Nth Queensland, they are the one fruit my kids love, so I think it is worth it. Makes you appreciate it more when you don't have them so often!!

Lynne said...

That bread looks and sounds delicious!