24 Oct 2011


We've been home a week now, and are settling back into routine. The last of the jet lag seems to have worn off, which is a good thing. 5am is really too early to be waking as a general rule.

I did notice that I could eat breakfast much more easily while I was waking earlier though (typically I don't want to eat until 9 or so, which is a bad thing.) Maybe I should start rising earlier just to facilitate breakfast? But then, I don't want to wake anyone else up, which usually happens by just walking down the hallway.

Mostly, this week has been spent getting the house back into order. My prolonged illness, followed by obsessive organizing for the holiday, left chaos in it's wake. It's clean again now, although (as always) there is a desperate need for decluttering and organization. So once again I've signed up with Flylady.

My holiday crochet project is progressing well, and I'm enjoying seeing the Kauni wool rainbow colours emerge.

The other part of today's photo is the mystery ingredient I bought while doing the groceries. Lemons! Delicious, and full of potential. Lemon meringue? Prawn salad? Lemon and garlic chicken?

I tried to shake things up in the meal planning department by getting each family member to choose a meal. I gave them some cookbooks to look through, and hoped for the best. Not so exciting - one chose toasted sandwiches, another quesadillas (which are really just toasted sandwiches using tortillas instead of sandwich bread) and the other couldn't bring herself to choose anything except desserts. Maybe they'll be better at it next week.

20 Oct 2011

Home again

We left home on September 30, and returned on October 17. Twelve days of theme parks, one day of swimming around a luxurious pool, one day of sleeping and shopping, and quite a bit of travel time.

Excellent holiday.