29 Sep 2011

Finding the joy

I'm somewhat overwhelmed at present. It's hard to find joy when I'm so worried about everything.

So many lists, trepidation regarding the long flights with my children, whilst my husband is somewhere on a different plane.

Quiet time can be hard to find when you're all sharing a room. I'm hoping to make quieter time through crochet, reading and headphones.

I am looking forward to warm, humid air. That'll be nice. And its only a treat thanks to our climate here. Which also gives us lovely spring blooms.

The whingeing is over. I'm going on a holiday, and I WILL enjoy myself!


AJ said...

Have a great time!

Ruth's Place said...

I flew with a 3 year old solo, it was better than I expected.

I'm sure you will have a great flight.

Enjoy your holiday.

Rialla-T said...

Have a wonderful trip Leah!

Lynne said...

Have a wonderful time!