2 Sep 2011

30 things in September

This September, I'm going to be working creatively on the 30 days of September. Rialla, of http://with-both-hands.blogspot.com/ is going to be completing 30 creative projects. I'm not sure I can finish that many, but committing daily time to creative endeavors will suit me perfectly. Lately, I've only been making for deadlines. This daily deadline may be the stimulus I need.

Last night, I spent some time crocheting Eva's shawl. (the pattern can be found at http://www.milobo.wordpress.com). It's fast to crochet up, but I've tried three times now, and after a certain point, it turns into a bowl. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. I think the time has come up to frog again, and start something new.

Last night should have been spent at the Canberra Quilters meeting, but the friend I take along was unwell, and I was headachy and lazy, so instead spent the evening at home. Maybe I'll go to one of the day meetings this month instead.


Lynne said...

Good luck with that challenge!

Rialla-T said...

WOW! I love the yarn colour. It's very SPRING!

I have no luck with crochet other than calling it "freeform" lol I think I need to borrow "Crochet for Dummies" again or find a real person who can actually teach me.

Hope you're feeling better this morning :o)

AJ said...

Looking forward to seeing your 30 things...wonder if I could make 30 things this month??