14 Aug 2011

Quilt show time

Over the weekend, my quilt "Home sweet home" was exhibited as part of the Canberra Quilters exhibition. I was glad to see it hanging there.

As part of submitting a quilt into the exhibition, the quilter must perform a volunteer shift. I spent a couple of hours doing white glove duty - to discourage people touching the quilts, and using the white gloves if they wished to see the backs of the quilts. It was a good time for me; a great chance to see the quilts, and watch the reactions of the people looking at the quilts.

I was delighted to see a friend had won a prize, and not at all disappointed to see I hadn't. I'm shooting for 2018.

Once again, I really was not tempted to buy anything at the accompanying craft show. The power of Internet shopping, combined with a fair knowledge of current patterns and classic quilt blocks and a sizable stash of fabric meant I didn't need to shop.

We've also been busy with my Dad coming to visit, long work hours, and I think clutter is about to swallow the house. Maybe this will be the week things start happening.


AJ said...

How lovley to see your quilt hanging! Congrats!

Lynne said...

Hey, Leah! Congratulations on being hung!

Were you at the Show on Saturday? That's when I visited! Your quilt amused me very much - I took a photo to show my DD (I won't be posting any quilt photos - I respect the rights of the quilters and just think it was great that I was allowed to take photos for my own personal use). Anyway, DD has two children under 18 months so washing is definitely a daily activity at her house!

I bought a book and two identical fat quarters but will post about both much later when I have made something from them!

What was I doing in Canberra? I missed the Show in Sydney by spending one day test-driving sewing machines and looking at the quilts; and another working on the Knitters' Guild stand. So, WM and I travelled down on Friday afternoon - he spent Saturday taking photos at the wetlands and visiting the War Memorial; I spent the whole day at the Show!

Michelle said...

I love your quilt so much! Congratulations! Wasn't the show wonderful? I think there were a lot less quilts this year than in past years, but all the quilts showed the true diversity of quilting and I think that was great.

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