29 Aug 2011

New girls on the block

After losing one chook to the fox, and another in a freak accident in our unruly yard where she became entangled in a vine, we were down to a flock of one. No good for either the chook, or our egg supply.

So Mr Puggle and the children chose three new chooks. Two fluffy silkies, who both seem to be quite young and silly - Good Girl and Fluffy. And A bossy, big brown one who spends a lot of time pecking all the other girls - Chookmort.

In other news, the children have been spending quite some time riding broomsticks around the yard, attempting to flee to Hogwarts. I've been laid low with a cold, and haven't had a voice for nearly a week now.


Lynne said...

Hoope you are feeling a lot better soon.

Also hoping that Chookwort doesn't peck the others too much, and that you'll soon have a good supply of eggs again.

nicole said...

ha ha they are great chook names! all of ours just get called young tart or old mole depending on how long we've had them!
hope you're feeling better soon and that your new girls get settled in too!

Becky said...

I have silkies here too, they are so cute. We also have Isa Browns and some Leghorns. I have too many eggs...