29 Aug 2011

New girls on the block

After losing one chook to the fox, and another in a freak accident in our unruly yard where she became entangled in a vine, we were down to a flock of one. No good for either the chook, or our egg supply.

So Mr Puggle and the children chose three new chooks. Two fluffy silkies, who both seem to be quite young and silly - Good Girl and Fluffy. And A bossy, big brown one who spends a lot of time pecking all the other girls - Chookmort.

In other news, the children have been spending quite some time riding broomsticks around the yard, attempting to flee to Hogwarts. I've been laid low with a cold, and haven't had a voice for nearly a week now.

14 Aug 2011

Quilt show time

Over the weekend, my quilt "Home sweet home" was exhibited as part of the Canberra Quilters exhibition. I was glad to see it hanging there.

As part of submitting a quilt into the exhibition, the quilter must perform a volunteer shift. I spent a couple of hours doing white glove duty - to discourage people touching the quilts, and using the white gloves if they wished to see the backs of the quilts. It was a good time for me; a great chance to see the quilts, and watch the reactions of the people looking at the quilts.

I was delighted to see a friend had won a prize, and not at all disappointed to see I hadn't. I'm shooting for 2018.

Once again, I really was not tempted to buy anything at the accompanying craft show. The power of Internet shopping, combined with a fair knowledge of current patterns and classic quilt blocks and a sizable stash of fabric meant I didn't need to shop.

We've also been busy with my Dad coming to visit, long work hours, and I think clutter is about to swallow the house. Maybe this will be the week things start happening.

6 Aug 2011

Rainy days

It's a rainy day here in Canberra, and I've spent some time in the kitchen. White choc chip biscuits and a carrot cake. After decorating the cake, I realized my mind had clearly been on more material things.

2 Aug 2011

The first clue

Was very short. However, it's been completed promptly, so I'm quite happy.

1 Aug 2011

Ready to knit

Today is Monday August 1, and I'm ready to cast on for The Westknits Mystery  Shawl.

I've wound my yarn into balls, while watching a little Nigella, and am ready for action. Unfortunately, different time zones mean that the first clue probably won't be released until tomorrow my time. Luckily, it's a gorgeous day here, and I'm getting myself organised.

Today, I'm feeling constructive. Washing's on the line, groceries are done, I've joined my son for reading in the classroom, and even ate breakfast.  I'm also thinking about a friend who should be celebrating her birthday today, and about her family, who will be celebrating for her.

Edited to add; the clue has arrived!