6 Jul 2011


Today, I've been home with a sick girl.  Mainly worn out, I think.

This is the second day this week home with a sick child, so lots of home based jobs were done.

I finally managed to finish my Prints Charming skirt, as can be seen artistically draped below.  I may or may not upload photos tomorrow when I wear it - depends on my confidence levels really!

I've also cooked Nigella's Spring Chicken, and it was delicious.  In fact, we're having it again tonight, encased in pastry.

I'm getting excited about learning stop motion filming, with the idea of making lego movies in the holidays.

Somehow, I also have missed the start of the Tour de France, so no knitalong for me this year.  Quite possibly I have a previously unfinished TdF project somewhere - must check Ravelry.

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Lynne said...

Get well soon, little Puggle,