29 Jul 2011

Quilting time

Today has been all about quilting, and and there's more to come, but not till after the children have their swimming lesson.

27 Jul 2011

Challenge begun

Made with "ComicBook!" iPad app.
Possibly I'd be further along with the quilt if I hadn't stop to play with the image....

25 Jul 2011


We were -and tired and cross after the first day back at school - but this Caesar inspired salad (and the accompanying Comic Book app fun) have eased the angst.


Earlier this year, I decided to spend my time making a quilt for my English niece rather than a quilt for the Exhibition. I did enter the Challenge though - small, whip it up quilt. I've been leaving it until the children returned to school to start. So this morning, I pulled out some fabrics for the garden section, and started planning. And was very unhappy to see my little quilt actually has to be 50cm x 70cm. Not so little. Not so whip-up-able. Still, there's a few days left....

22 Jul 2011

Nearly done...

School goes back on Monday after our winter break, and I'm ready. We've had lots of Lego, playing with PhotoBooth on my birthday iPad (hence the above portrait), daily ballet lessons and playing with cousins. As well as our local cousins, we've had an extended visit from the Central Coast cousins, which has just been lovely. So many cuddles with a smily, round, redheaded baby boy.

16 Jul 2011

Another birthday

Today my local sister is celebrating her birthday. July is a big birthday month for our family, but since it's so cold and dreary outside, some celebrating is welcome. Here's her cake, ready to be delivered. It's Nigellas butterscotch layer cake, and I'm certain it will be delicious.

15 Jul 2011


A lazy afternoon at the largely deserted pool. The kids are swimming, the air is balmy, and the house remains relatively tidy, after this morning's blitz. Tonight, dinner and cards with the inlaws, and the kids are looking forward to sharing a room for the night. Holidays. We're hitting our stride.

13 Jul 2011

Fnally, the hook

I've been intending to do some crochet for a long time now, but was worried that my teenage skills were not only rusty, but also forgotten. Well, I'm pleased to note that muscle memory has kicked in, and I'm enjoying crocheting.

7 Jul 2011

Sew It Together Prints Charming skirt

Done as part of a sew-along run by the lovely Karen

I'm so happy to be wearing my skirt today!

6 Jul 2011


Today, I've been home with a sick girl.  Mainly worn out, I think.

This is the second day this week home with a sick child, so lots of home based jobs were done.

I finally managed to finish my Prints Charming skirt, as can be seen artistically draped below.  I may or may not upload photos tomorrow when I wear it - depends on my confidence levels really!

I've also cooked Nigella's Spring Chicken, and it was delicious.  In fact, we're having it again tonight, encased in pastry.

I'm getting excited about learning stop motion filming, with the idea of making lego movies in the holidays.

Somehow, I also have missed the start of the Tour de France, so no knitalong for me this year.  Quite possibly I have a previously unfinished TdF project somewhere - must check Ravelry.

4 Jul 2011

Seven candles

Annabelle is seven.  We've celebrated thoroughly, and she felt like 'The Birthday Girl' for three solid days.  

The first cake, on her birthday, after a big day of school (with cupcakes!), swimming lessons (where they sang happy birthday in the pool), and dinner out.

Saturday's events didn't go so smoothly, and I neglected to take any pictures.  

By Sunday, everything was rosy again, and here she is in the birthday chair at her party venue, 

followed by some wild dancing games.

 I'm glad it's all over - one week of school left before the holidays, and by then I expect the children will be ready for some pyjama days.  Quite possibly I will be too.

1 Jul 2011

Class Cupcakes

When you turn seven, you take in a batch of cupcakes to share with your class. It's Annabelle's special day today, and we made butterfly themed cupcakes. Lovely. She felt very special.

I don't know how old you are when this tradition ends - surely not in high school?

So today, the birthday and dinner out with her grandparents.  Tomorrow, the family party - my local sister and her kids, with pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey.  Then Sunday,  the friends party at the local play centre. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but really, I should have just had EVERYONE here for a mega-extravaganza.  Oh well.  Lessons for next year.