22 Jun 2011


Monday evening, I was watching the Weather Channel.  Sitting alone, while my children slept peacefully (finally!!), I became more and more worried.  An approaching cold front, which would be followed by that volcanic ash cloud from South America which has been circling the earth for a while.

Gale force winds, blizzard condition in the ranges, the weatherman told me.  He went on to advise securing all outdoor furniture, and strongly suggested roping down cubby houses and trampolines.

He didn't give any ideas on how to tie down a trampoline - or what to tie it onto (the house?  the fence?)  I considered dashing out into the cold, and doing something involving tent pegs and rope, but didn't.  I decided to let the weather take charge.  This is why I was worried.

In the last six months particularly, we've been seeing the weather as force of destruction.  Floods, cyclones, sweeping people and houses away, changing lives forever.

Tabloid television isn't helping.  I just didn't expect this alarmist kind of reporting on the Weather Channel.

And for the record, it wasn't that bad. Just windy, cold and rainy. Cubby house and trampoline remain where they should be.  Our big gum tree didn't fall on any houses.

13 Jun 2011

Macaron time

After enjoying a visit to Canberra's HandMade markets, I shared the perfect afternoon tea with my local sister and our parents. We bought all 12 flavours available, and shared each between the four of us. Delicious morsels!

5 Jun 2011

Getting excited

Like many other families, we're fans of Disney movies.  I tried my best to withstand the all-pervasive princess culture, but that's out of my realm of influence now my daughter's nearly seven.  Fortunately, there are no princesses in Cars.

I trust there are none in Cars 2 either, but regardless, we'll be there to see it at the movies, and no doubt we'll be buying the DVD too.


Halfway through this stretch of full time work, and I'm enjoying a day off. The organization required is huge, particularly since Mr Puggle has been working very long hours. Quiet time is hard to come by.