25 May 2011

Unnatural light

It's the worst thing about this job - no natural light in the workroom. At home, typically no lights are needed during the day. Certainly a first world problem, but I find it oppressive.


Emma said...

I remember moving into our brand-new, custom built office in Canberra, with loads of windows, only to have some people want the blinds down all the time - maddening! But how do you argue with someone who tells you that they 'like the natural light but don't like it coming through the windows'???!

Lynne said...

I have moved my "study" from the smallest room in the house on the south side of the building with lots of natural light, to a larger room on the north side of the building where I have to turn my fluorescent ceiling lights on at 3pm due to the neighbour's garage (uphill from us) blocking all the natural light - very annoying!