25 May 2011

Unnatural light

It's the worst thing about this job - no natural light in the workroom. At home, typically no lights are needed during the day. Certainly a first world problem, but I find it oppressive.

21 May 2011


Today, I'm beginning work. This temporary job lasts four weeks, and involves lots of reading, computer mouse work, and concentration. On the home front, it involves lots of lists, delegation,and help from my lovely mother-in-law. Yesterday, my helpful sister baked us a chocolate cake to share for afternoon tea. Perfect!

16 May 2011


It's chilly this morning, so I set off to do the grocery shopping (and to let someone else pay for warming me up!) One of my favourite aspects if Canberra is the pockets of 'country' that can be inserted into everyday life. Like this road.

By taking this road, it adds 2 minutes to my trip to my preferred major shopping centre.  It makes me relax, though, as a country road would always be my choice.  The road travels through some bush, and past some farms.  All in an everyday 10 minute trip.  I've even seen a wedge tailed eagle along here.  Really, the reason I choose this way is so I can imagine that I'm living in the country again.

Do you hanker to live in the country, or would you rather see skyscrapers or beaches on your way to the shops?

14 May 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival 'Spring' 2011

For the latest Bloggers Quilt festival, I have chosen the last quilt I made.  This was made as part of the Flickr Doll Quilt Swap, for the lovely Jessy. (although I'm a little worried it doesn't seem to have arrived yet....)

I am fond of my round shapes in quilts, and seized the chance to use my Dresden ruler again.  It was also a great chance to play around with rainbow shadings.  Fortunately, my stash was able to provide all shade needed.  I did have to go shopping for the centre fabric, which is an Aboriginal design.  

I enjoyed free motion quilting this project - and can't stress enough how helpful Helen Godden's class 'Liberation from the Ditch' was.  Of course, there is still plenty of room for improvement, but I'm feeling positive about the way my skills are going already.

For more quilts in the festival, go visit Amy, and have a great time at the Quilt Festival!

11 May 2011

Less creative.... but here's one I prepared earlier.

Lately, I've been less creative.  I can see deadlines crowding me, and I'm feeling like hiding away.  Hence, no blogging, and hardly any crafting.    My 'net time has been severely curtailed by snail-like speeds in the evening. In fact, I've been pretty much hiding away in various books.

The new Sookie Stackhouse book is out, and so I'm re-reading the series so I'll have a balanced view.  Essential stuff.

I signed up for the Naked Bed challenge, and have done nothing towards it.  Actually, having reread the initial post, quilting is not required - so maybe I will get it done.  I think the closing date (June 2) is remarkably close to the closing date for the Canberra Quilters exhibition deadline, so maybe there's a real incentive for me to start work.

And from my blogging hiatus time, here is the first quilt I made and sent to the lovely Jessy for the Flickr Doll Quilt Swap.
 and it's back.

I was quite pleased with it.

Tomorrow, I'll blog the delightful little quilt I received in exchange.