7 Apr 2011

A rude awakening

I woke this morning to the sound of my husband yelling "There's something at the chooks".  We bolted out the back, and there certainly was. A fox had been in our chookhouse, and had seized one of the girls, and was making off with her.  We scared him away, and tried to comfort the chook.  She died quickly.

Meanwhile, the fox was standing the other side of our paling fence, looking interested. Mr Puggle attempted to chase it away, but it just circled around the back, and jumped over the fence back into our yard.  I went down with the other chooks near our house, planning to protect them (who knows how...) while my ferocious husband tracked the fox.  This was complicated by the fact that both of us are short-sighted, and had rushed out without our glasses on.

The fox had re-entered the chookhouse by this time, and Mr Puggle ran over to lock it in.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, anyway.

While we were happy the chooks were safely away from the fox, there remained the problem of what to do with our new fox.  Fortunately, we live in a wonderful city, and called for help with Canberra Connect.

Within an hour or so, a Parks and Conservation Ranger was on hand to remove our feral fox.

Foxes cause an enormous amount of damage to our native wildlife, and are considered a major feral pest in Australia.

What a morning!


Lynne said...

You said it - what a morning. I'm sorry to hear that one of your chickens was killed; I hope all the others survived the fright.

I wonder what they do with captured foxes; or shouldn't I ask?

Michelle said...

oh no! Poor chook. I'm glad the ranger came to the rescue though. We've had foxes through our suburb too laterl neighbours have lost chooks and ducks.

dillpickle said...

That's awful! Friends down the road lost their chooks to foxes a few years ago. We have chooks and I would be terribly upset if a fox got them. Good on you for thwarting and trapping yours!

Olivia said...

Oh, poor chooks. (and poor you!) What amazes me is how bold the fox was, coming back in after you chased it away! You'd think there would be more fear of humans.

ingrid said...

What a start to the day and what a cheeky fox! I am glad you had someone to come and deal with him and the poor chooks got their house back. The poor things must be terrified.

Bitcoin Dave said...

Glad you were able to limit it to one kill and catch the fox to rid it of causing future problems. Sad to lose the chook but job well done. We recently lost half a dozen chooks & turkeys to what I think was a dog attack rather than a fox. Am tightening pen security even more so hopefully it doesn't happen again :(