30 Apr 2011

One last rainbow

We've seen so many rainbows in our week on the Gold Coast. We've been rained on so many times, and visited theme parks daily. There hasn't been enough sun for a sunburn. We've played hard and are ready to be home again.

29 Apr 2011

Puzzle pieces

This holiday, we've been working on a family jigsaw puzzle. A convenient coffee table is puzzle central, and we've only a couple if sections to go. Lots of showery weather has ensured time to work on the puzzle.

27 Apr 2011

Kicking back....

Usually this means relaxing. Not on this holiday. It's another action packed time. But different actions - so that counts as a break..... right?

23 Apr 2011

And the aftermath

Hunting eggs

We've celebrated Easter with an egg hunt this afternoon. Lovely warm sunshine, happy children, indulgent grandparents.

15 Apr 2011

Easter craft

It's been too long since I've done some glue and glitter craft. Following a very easy tutorial (link to be added), we used half a dozen of our chooks' lovely eggs to make these treats for the children's teachers.

7 Apr 2011

A rude awakening

I woke this morning to the sound of my husband yelling "There's something at the chooks".  We bolted out the back, and there certainly was. A fox had been in our chookhouse, and had seized one of the girls, and was making off with her.  We scared him away, and tried to comfort the chook.  She died quickly.

Meanwhile, the fox was standing the other side of our paling fence, looking interested. Mr Puggle attempted to chase it away, but it just circled around the back, and jumped over the fence back into our yard.  I went down with the other chooks near our house, planning to protect them (who knows how...) while my ferocious husband tracked the fox.  This was complicated by the fact that both of us are short-sighted, and had rushed out without our glasses on.

The fox had re-entered the chookhouse by this time, and Mr Puggle ran over to lock it in.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, anyway.

While we were happy the chooks were safely away from the fox, there remained the problem of what to do with our new fox.  Fortunately, we live in a wonderful city, and called for help with Canberra Connect.

Within an hour or so, a Parks and Conservation Ranger was on hand to remove our feral fox.

Foxes cause an enormous amount of damage to our native wildlife, and are considered a major feral pest in Australia.

What a morning!

My creative space

Today, it's all about quilting.  We had a rough start to the day, which I'll blog about shortly, but now it's back to the sewing machine.

For more Creative Spaces, visit kootoyoo

3 Apr 2011

Doll Quilt Mark Two

Much more exciting, in terms of colour and piecing. Nowhere near as refined.

1 Apr 2011

Wet Taronga

My afternoon at the Zoo was wet, but special. Three baby elephants, a platypus spotted in the outdoor enclosure, and lively binturongs were the highlights. Oh, how I love Taronga. It's my favorite Zoo, and my most visited.