27 Mar 2011

SIT brunch

After the fun of last night, the Sunday brunch at the Museum of Sydney Cafe. Lovely company once more, and my first Eggs Benedict. Now we're scattering home back to blogland, but first I'm off to the Zoo.

26 Mar 2011

SIT dinner

About to begin....

SIT workshop

Kathy from Material Obsession ran various workshops through today, and I was lucky enough to attend the 60 degrees triangle workshop. Both photos are blurry, as Kayhy's hands were moving as fast as our brains!

SIT Sample Swap

Thanks so much for organizing the sample swap, Cass. (link to be inserted). Each swapper made five items, and in groups of six we each gave each other a gift. Look at the lovely things I received (details to come)

SIT prize draws

The first batch of prizes have been drawn, and I was lucky enough to be an early winner. I chose this lovely bundle of Sweetie Petites donated by Lisa of The Red Thread (link to come.).

Also, I chose a Slouch Bag from Nicole Mallalieu Design (link to come) which I'm excited to make.

SIT stitching session

Morning tea ..... mmmm!

SIT stitching session

Two early highlights; real coffee, and seeing Helen's new doll's quilt.

SIT sample swap ready

My fabric baskets are made, courtesy of a tutorial from Pink Penguin (link to be added). They were surprisingly straight-forward to make - I wish I'd done them weeks ago instead of procrastinating, but that's the nature of the beast!

25 Mar 2011

SIT after dinner

After a hearty German meal, a small group returned to the rooftop area of the Sydney Harbour YHA, and soaked up the view. Lovely!

SIT shopping trip - stop 3

Prints Charming, Annandale. Lovely, vivid hand printed fabrics. Spend, spend, spend!

SIT shopping trip stop two

Calico and Ivy, Balmain. Lovely, lovely things.

SIT - shopping trip stop one

The Remnant Warehouse, Botany Road Alexandria. Fridays are half price fat quarters - what great timing!


On the train, chugging our way to Sydney for Sew It Together. I can't wait to get there - particularly since the train is now 20 minutes late, and I do NOT want to miss the shopping trip bus.

22 Mar 2011

Doll quilt progress

As promised, a progress picture of my quilt for the tenth Flickr Doll Quilt Swap. I thought I was going to make stars, but the idea of abstractish birch trees was insistent. I hope my brand new machine quilting skills do it justice.

Eight Years Old!

Still overwhelmed, we did manage to celebrate the transformation of my adorable baby (7 weeks old here) into a strapping eight year old boy.

A science party with his school friends, followed by a small after-school party with his younger cousins on the actual birthday, and Lucas has had a great time.  We also had a family dinner out, so he feels very special.  Over the month or so, he'll be very busy building all the Lego kits that made up a large proportion of birthday gifts.

Happy Birthday Lucas!

15 Mar 2011


Things are going well at present. Annabelle's worries are decreasing, and her confidence is increasing. We've been working with her teachers and there hasn't been any morning meltdowns for probably three weeks now.
I did go on to say more before my phone ate it.... something along these lines;

Surprisingly also optimistic is my diagnosis of Vitamin B deficiency.  There's an actual, real reason for my overwhelming tiredness.  That makes me feel much better.  I'm not missing deadlines, but I am taking longer to achieve things - and that's all right.  Blogging isn't daily, but it will happen.  The Doll Quilt is not yet complete, but it will be soon.

I'm hoping to post pictures tomorrow.

6 Mar 2011


SIT nametag by pugglelogic
SIT nametag a photo by pugglelogic on Flickr.
As part of the preparations for Sew It Together, I'm participating in a nametag swap. This lovely tag was made for me Donna, http://creativecontroller.wordpress.com

Isn't it great? I love it, especially the suffolk puffs which make a lovely organically shaped background for my name.

I've posed it on a background of free motion quilting, which I'm just delighted with. Double win, really!