10 Feb 2011

My creative space

The start of something new, after a shopping trip to Addicted to Fabric.

It's my favourite local fabric store - just bursting with colour and fabulous fabrics.

These greys and greens will be worked in a small quilt, for the Doll Quilt Swap round 10.

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Michelle said...

Oh! Oh! Grey and green - how beautiful are they together?!

I have resisted the lure of a2f for so long. .. But no longer. I am resigned to the fact it makes up part of my happy place!

Naturally Carol said...

That will be a lovely fresh looking little quilt!

L'Atelier said...

great colours, looking forward to seeing the quilt

AJ said...

I had that bottom green...and was so sad when I used it all up! Love the grey with the green!