27 Feb 2011

Fishy fun

The past week has been occupied with thoughts of fish. We've acquired a new tank, and this morning bought the fish - a mixture of neon and cardinal tetras. So far, we've spent around three hours staring at the tank, and removed 2 dead bodies. Thankfully, we bought plenty!

18 Feb 2011


Today, I joined a convoy of women heading for a quilting retreat. We stopped for a look around the Tumut visitor's centre, where we were very surprised to find a stuffed feral pig. Big, ugly and hairy. Since then we've been sewing fir around five hours, breaking only for a delicious dinner. Perfect!

17 Feb 2011

My creative space

This week, it's the cutting table. Tomorrow I'm off on a retreat, and this time I want to spend most of my time sewing rather than thinking and cutting. Ambitiously, I am packing two new projects, one barely begun UFO and my doll quilt, which also has not yet been started.

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13 Feb 2011

First steps

Today's task is to sew the elastic onto my children's ballet shoes. Their first lessons are on Tuesday, and excitement is running high.

My feelings are less pure, but ballet was very good for my sisters and I for a long time, so (surely) I can bear it.

10 Feb 2011

My creative space

The start of something new, after a shopping trip to Addicted to Fabric.

It's my favourite local fabric store - just bursting with colour and fabulous fabrics.

These greys and greens will be worked in a small quilt, for the Doll Quilt Swap round 10.

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8 Feb 2011

Tuesday time out

School's back in today.... and we had a successful dropoff. I promptly started worrying about tomorrow. The children were very tired this afternoon, and found themselves separated for informal time out from each other.

Tonight, I'm babysitting my nephews and niece .... which since they're asleep is time out for me. And even a chance to catch up on some neglected paper piecing.