3 Jan 2011

Hanging out with girls

Part of my 2011 plans involves spending more time doing what I like. Not exactly what I like, but making a necessity happier are our chooks. The girls keep me company while hanging out the washing. They try to eat my fluoro toenails, cluck around and generally offer companionship. And they're very low maintenance - possible the perfect pets!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via the SSCS swap and would like to tell you that I think the present you gave was just beautiful, is it a knitted shawl? Love it i am sure your swap partner would have loved it and I hope you have been spoiled too.


Juddie said...

Oooh! I love chooks and wish we could have some, but we have two dogs and a cat and now a holiday house which we're planing to spend some time at, so unfortunately we can't commit to looking after a bunch of new girls just now. They are lovely company though aren't they?

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