30 Jan 2011


Today I've sheltered from the heat, and sorted through my grandmother's buttons. It's amazing how many white(ish) four holed buttons she had. They don't match, of course, but there were lots there. I've also been feeling hungover, obviously caught from my dear husband who woke me at 3, returning from a bucks night without his house keys. He feels fine. Typical.

27 Jan 2011

My creative space

 Creativity has been hard to come by in these holidays.  The children and the heat have been sapping my energy.  By the time the kids are in bed, my sewing space is far too hot to spend time in.  Instead, we've visited other people's creative works, with day spent at the National Gallery.  Which I must say was not really enjoyable.  I took my children (7 and 6) and my sister took hers (4, 4, and 2.)  We were followed around the galleries by security guards.  This did not enhance anyone's enjoyment or appreciation. We did manage to set one alarm off, after walking too close to a wall.  Not an artwork, a wall.  So we retreated the foyer. My sister visited the shop.  I sat the children on a bench, where they hopped on and off a bit, and put their hands on the windows pointing to the fountain the other side of the glass.  Another security guard approached, and told us off for touching the glass.  Sigh.  The children will not be visiting again for a long time.  They're just too unwelcome.  Despite the children's gallery.

I've counted it up, and we'll be away from home for about half of these holidays.  I don't think this is very restful, but it has involved quite a lot of car knitting time.  This terrible (phone) photo is of my 4ply, bright red shawl.  It's taking ages.  And will take a lot more time.
Far more creative spaces can be found here.

10 Jan 2011

Cleaning house

My late grandparents house has been sold. Settlement is Friday. My extended family have been working very hard to clear and clean it. We've been helping today too. It's backbreaking (and heartbreaking) work.

3 Jan 2011

Hanging out with girls

Part of my 2011 plans involves spending more time doing what I like. Not exactly what I like, but making a necessity happier are our chooks. The girls keep me company while hanging out the washing. They try to eat my fluoro toenails, cluck around and generally offer companionship. And they're very low maintenance - possible the perfect pets!