31 Dec 2010

2010 achievements

I was sure I'd spent more time crafting than this....  but apparently not.

Then again, I have worked on a lot of different projects this year... and these are just the finished items.

Next up, resolutions!

27 Dec 2010

Camping Christmas

We've returned today from a camping trip over Christmas.

Lots of special times; children playing in a shallow creek, virtually all day long....  finally discovering the secret of not freezing on an inflatable mattress (2 layers of woollen blanket underneath the sheet, on top of the airbed).... turning seedpods into Christmassy birds with the application of a cotton ball, glue and red glitter.....  eating my Mum's fruit mince pies while celebrating with DH's family.

25 Dec 2010

Merry, merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

As part of Chookyblue's SSCS, I received some lovely gifts from Kristi . Thanks so much Kristi - I love them, especially those adorable coasters.

18 Dec 2010

A break

School's out - and the children and I are spending a few days with my parents. The first priority has been to get all the Christmas decorations out, including this Christmas themed playset. Rudolph is in great demand.

11 Dec 2010

The Adventure continues

The Adventure of Advent, that is.  I've been making lists, and then more lists, and ordering and shopping like I don't know what.  Order seems to be appearing out of chaos, and soon the organisation will be done.

The only crafting I've done is made this Christmassy skirt for my daughter, and appliqued a heart on a shirt for her.  This photo was taken just after their school Christmas concert.  I was delighted that Annabelle went skipping away to join her class without any concern at all. 

Preparing for school the next morning, her problems had all returned.  We making progress however - there's only 5 more days of school left.