6 Nov 2010

The other end of the swap

My challenge this time was to make a quilt for Alissa, of http://bacoon.wordpress.com/

I had recently been to see the exhibition of Aboriginal art at the National Museum, and was just blown away by the paintings.  They were stunningly visually, and I loved how they each expressed a story as well.  Many of the artworks were made expressly to show the artist's country. I wanted to try and make a quilt showing my own country, in a quilting sense.

The straight lines tended to represent roads, or paths, or directions, and the circles were waterholes, or homes, or sometimes mountains.  

I loved making this quilt.  I had been planning it for a while, with many different sketches and fabric choices, but when I was really ready to sew it, I was away on retreat.  A no-machines-allowed retreat. Therefore, the only machine stitching is where I sewed the binding down.  And I really enjoyed the process.

For some time I've been trying to emulate the quilting styles of others.  I greatly admire fine, detailed, dense machine quilting, but it's not what I do.  Instead, I hand quilt, with big stitches, thick, shiny, colourful perle thread, and enjoy it.

I hope you like it too Alissa.


Ruth's Place said...

It's wonderful. The purple background fabric is amazing.

Anonymous said...


I do love it, and now I know the story behind it, well done :)