27 Nov 2010

Preparing for Advent

Today we've been busy.  It's time for our annual lounge room rearrangement to fit in the Christmas tree. DH is not an enthusiastic participant... but always seems to manage to end up with his easy chair in the centre of the room directly in front of the TV.  And then wonders why I'm not satisfied.  (Maybe this is one of his traditions...)

We also had a visit from the parcel guy, with my package from the lovely Kristi arriving as part of Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap.

Quarantine had opened the parcel, and unwrapped the ornament, and  the enormous stick of peppermint candy had been broken.

Just look at this beautiful ornament - I cannot wait to open the rest of the parcel!

Thanks so much Kristi :)

25 Nov 2010

My creative space

Very little is happening creatively around here, as my energy, emotions and thoughts stay with my troubled daughter.  I am unbelievably stressed about this - possibly because she sees me as the solution to all her problems.  In any case, for the first time in my life (and yes, I'm nearly 40....) I've spent money in the fitness industry.  A 20-visit pass to the local pool, where I'm attempting some stress release.

Today, though, we're celebrating my loving husband's 40th birthday.  I don't think he's conflicted about this at all - it's a great day!  Losing Kim knocked all the vanity surrounding birthdays right away.

The kids got very creative with the colours - and then had to eat all the brown m&ms.

More Creative Spaces at Kootoyoo.

16 Nov 2010

Slow crafting

After the frenzy of Blogtoberfest, I've been trying to take things slowly. My daughter's opinions are becoming stronger, and this is taking it's toll on both of us. These Christmas baubles are just the right antidote - many thanks to Pip of Meet Me At Mikes for the pattern.

6 Nov 2010

The other end of the swap

My challenge this time was to make a quilt for Alissa, of http://bacoon.wordpress.com/

I had recently been to see the exhibition of Aboriginal art at the National Museum, and was just blown away by the paintings.  They were stunningly visually, and I loved how they each expressed a story as well.  Many of the artworks were made expressly to show the artist's country. I wanted to try and make a quilt showing my own country, in a quilting sense.

The straight lines tended to represent roads, or paths, or directions, and the circles were waterholes, or homes, or sometimes mountains.  

I loved making this quilt.  I had been planning it for a while, with many different sketches and fabric choices, but when I was really ready to sew it, I was away on retreat.  A no-machines-allowed retreat. Therefore, the only machine stitching is where I sewed the binding down.  And I really enjoyed the process.

For some time I've been trying to emulate the quilting styles of others.  I greatly admire fine, detailed, dense machine quilting, but it's not what I do.  Instead, I hand quilt, with big stitches, thick, shiny, colourful perle thread, and enjoy it.

I hope you like it too Alissa.

A lovely swap

Once again, the EB doll quilt swap has been a lovely one.

Car, of http://carrose-creations.blogspot.com/ has made a great little quilt for me.  It's called Home on the Hill, and I just love it!  Thank you, Car.