8 Oct 2010

Blogtoberfest 8

Today was the last Friday of the school holidays. We visited the National Museum (Canberra) with my sister and her children.
The kids had a great time. After visiting KSpace, my Lucas asked if they all wanted to see something really exciting. Of course, we agreed, and he led the family into the Yiwarra Kuju Canning Stock Route Aboriginal art exhibit. It truly was exciting, and so beautifully displayed in dark space.
This is a picture of an interactive computer touchscreen.  The children could 'paint' by moving their fingers across the screen, and change colour easily by touching another colour.  I wanted to push them out of the way and try myself.  It reminded me of using the paintbrush tool in Paint, but in a much more user friendly way.  Even the two year old knew what to do. 

I started wondering how I would depict my country.  But then I started wondering where my country truly was, as I feel very nomadic, and fairly rootless.  Dh and I have lived in 13 homes since coming together in 1993.

I've edited this post to add further links and information.  I've been experimenting with posting from my phone, via email, which is working well, but I can't master links... or too much text like that.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Wow, that painting {is it a painting?} looks amazing.

Anne said...

I've been wanting to get down to Canberra for a while to check out the Museums and Questicon.....

Happy Blogtoberfest...:)