3 Oct 2010

Blogtoberfest 3

The Commonwealth Games start today, which means it's time to cast on for the Ravelwealth Games.

We're hoping for a peaceful Games, full of outstanding athletic achievements, personal bests and responsible behaviour. That goes for the Commonwealth Games too.
My Traveling Woman shawl is ready to cast on, with divine Posh Yarn cashmere... and I can't wait.

By the end of the Games, I hope to have my shawl finished, and ready to wear. Except the weather surely will have warmed up by then. Surely.


Susan L (lily40au) said...

Good luck with the shawl ... and I really should take more notice of ravelry. They hold such fun events.
Happy Blogtoberfest.
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miss~nance said...

Fellow blogtoberfest participant here. I am attempting to get around to all blogs this month.


michelle said...

happy click clacking in the knitting olympics. i can't wait to see the end result