30 Sep 2010

To Do

We're nearly a week into school holidays now, and creativity has taken a back step.

Instead, we've been camping, shopping, babysitting, to the library, out to lunch with Daddy, and today are planning to attend a class playdate. Annabelle will also be attending two birthday parties in this break.

Whingeing has been an integral part of the holiday too. As has singing. Lucas' class has learnt all the words to 5, 6, 7, 8. And since I love to share, here's the Youtube link so you can share my pain. Just play it 50 times and you'll have the idea.

Next week we're off to my parents place down the coast, for a change, and a play at the beach.

19 Sep 2010

Springing along

Today, while I went to hear Margaret Fulton speak, the rest of the family went to Floriade.

The children took far nicer pictures than I did.

16 Sep 2010

My creative space

Paper piecing, to try and catch up with my block of the month. Of course I'm way behind....
but then I found this in the hallway - now THAT'S colour!


Look at this lovely little quilt;

It's pretty. It was made by Sardaana using lovely Tilda fabrics.

And look at the extra goodies I got:

Thanks so much Sardaana :)

1 Sep 2010


It's here!

It was a balmy 18 degrees today, the wind was strong but not freezing, and I'm feeling full of potential.

We don't have any spring blossoms in our yard, but my sister does, and we visited her this afternoon.