7 Aug 2010

Puttering along...

Time is flying, and I'm puttering along. I'm lacking motivation, energy and enthusiasm. I've been through a period of fairly compulsive gambling, realised that my Papa would NOT think that an appropriate way of passing through a grief stage, and stopped (fortunately very quickly.)

I've given myself carpal tunnel (my doctor thinks, ultrasound to come) by completely hand quilting a queen size quilt in less than two weeks.

I visited my quilt in the exhibition, and was very pleased to see it done. Of course it didn't win a prize. And that's fine. It's a utility quilt, and I'm looking forward to it being on my bed.

While at the exhibition, I did a little shopping. These Reece Scannell shot cottons are gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to using them.

I also got a copy of the Canberra Quilters calendar, in which my friend Lily is Miss October (or her quilt is anyway!)

This weekend I'm working on my dolls quilt, due to be posted by August 15, as part of the Doll Quilt Swap 9.

Tuesday, my English sister and her children (5,3,baby) return to Canberra to stay with us again. Of course, this limits my computer time (because I'm having fun with them... and because they're all staying in my spare room where the computer lives.)

Flickr doll swap partner, I apologise for my lack of online presence over the last few weeks. It will improve, but not quite yet.

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Helen said...

Well done on finishing the quilt Leah, it is a true credit to you. But ouch to the hand!!