10 Jul 2010

Time out

We've been down the coast visiting. My grandfather is gravely ill. Still, we had a good time. Bedtime stories take on a different aspect when read by the children. Especially when they are stories I used to have read to me.

We still had time to feed the ducks. Where we ran into my uncle, and lunch with the kids and their grandmother turned into lunch for 14. Now that's a family.
We stopped in at Fitzroy Falls on our way home, and were refreshed as always by the air and the view.

I expect we'll be travelling back down the coast again soon.


Kylie said...

Amazing photos. It's always nice to spend quality time with family. (((HUGS)))

Trudi said...

we used to go to Fitzroy Falls with school, they were great trips. Can't wait till the nieces are old enough to go there.