27 Jul 2010

A short break

I've been quilting, and got it finished. Next time I see it will be in the exhibition.

We've been away, where we said a final goodbye to Papa, may he rest in peace.

I chose an artwork for our home, painted by my Mama.

My English sister is arriving for her much anticipated visit shortly, so I am emptying my sewing/computer room.

I need to post about my Papa's creative woodwork and his love of babies.

I need to post about the fabulous printer I have been testing for the last few months.

I want to post about my finished quilt.

I'd like to share my new knitting project, preparing for my Dad's birthday.

Instead, I'm cleaning.

My, I'd like to rest.

13 Jul 2010

Cold, rainy, quilting

The quilting has started. It's not heavy, fine or sophisticated. Simple circles, in Perle 8 cotton and big stitches.

Meanwhile, the children are playing inside on this cold and rainy day. I think the game started in Star Wars....

11 Jul 2010


A little behind schedule, but it's done.

Now, apparently, I have 10 days to hand quilt this 250cm square quilt. Maybe, if I can do 2 blocks per day, that'll leave 2 days for the border..... it's still technically possible.

10 Jul 2010

Time out

We've been down the coast visiting. My grandfather is gravely ill. Still, we had a good time. Bedtime stories take on a different aspect when read by the children. Especially when they are stories I used to have read to me.

We still had time to feed the ducks. Where we ran into my uncle, and lunch with the kids and their grandmother turned into lunch for 14. Now that's a family.
We stopped in at Fitzroy Falls on our way home, and were refreshed as always by the air and the view.

I expect we'll be travelling back down the coast again soon.

3 Jul 2010

Party day...

Today was Annabelle's birthday party. We held it at a local community centre, and invited all her class, plus family. I don't seem to have any photos without other children's faces, so here's the cake. She loved it.

When I was 5, Mum made me a very similar cake. I still remember that cake.

Lately, I've been reading lots of discussion on parenting forums about over the top birthday parties. Annabelle's would have fit into that category for many of the posters - too many guests, parents who didn't drop and run, too much fussy homemade food ('6' biscuits, decorated gingerbread, individual jellies, jam filled heart biscuits.) I've been thinking about all these viewpoints, and have reached a few conclusions. I'm having the best kind of party for my kids that I can. For Annabelle, this year, it was all about the whole class, many homemade things, and lots of games. It's not about trying to outdo other parents. A few said to me today, jokingly, that I've set the bar too high. But you know, it's not a competition, and I really don't see it that way.

I think it was a great party, and my birthday girl did too. I hope she remembers six fondly.

Here she is on her actual birthday