6 Jun 2010

Weekend Checklist

This weekend, I wrote a checklist of all I wanted to get done. It's helped enormously... although I've still got a few more items to complete.

This working full time thing is pretty hard. Luckily, it's only a month of work (this time), so I've only nine days to go. I can manage that. And I've already started spending the profits. Last time Kaffe Fassett visited Canberra, I restrained myself from spending the money to see or hear him. This time, I'm there.

The last week has involved two visits from the tooth fairy,

and quite a lot of paper piecing.


Michelle said...

Kaffe's coming back to Canberra?? I am so there with you, if I can!!

Love that block. So beautifully put together, with the fabric making it look so happy.

Lynne said...

Kaffe's coming back to Australia? I want in!!