25 Jun 2010


It's a rare event for me - our ironing board is a bad height, and my back aches using it for too long. Of course, I'm also lazy...

However, today I've been ironing some Dresden points, in an effort to actually meet a deadline.

It's quite possibly a bad time for me to be putting pressure on myself with deadlines - it's the first week of DH's busy time at work, which will extend pretty much through the end of August. During this time, he leaves at around 7, returns at around 8, and likes to be at work at least 5 hours on each of the weekend days. Also, of course there's work to be done at home, which he didn't get to at the office. It's a time of stress for our family. Maybe it'll be easier for me this year, since both children are at school. Except of course for the school holidays.


Bec Clarke said...

Those look wonderful leah, I quite like Dresden plates, You have me inspired..

Lynne said...

I hope it all goes well for you - it sounds quite stressful.