21 Jun 2010


The Canberra Quilt Show is on this year from August 5-8.

Quilt delivery day is July 24.

I have been foolish enough to enter a long untouched UFO this year. In 2001, I attended a Quilting Symposium in Perth, which was a fabulous 5 days of classes. It was an incredible experience, but I haven't actually finished any of the quilts I started there. Luckily, one class was for two days, and another was for a bag, which I finished then and there. There were two other classes, so two other UFOs.

In the one day class, I managed to piece three Dresden plates, and appliqued two onto their backing fabrics. Since then, I've done nothing towards the quilt. Nothing.

It's supposed to be a queensize quilt, with the centre made of 16 Dresden plates. At the time, my tastes ran to the cleaner side of country themes (colours, I mean, not rude animals and such.) It's not too bad now, but probably not my choice any longer.

Here's one of my blocks;

The entry form for the quilt show requires a photograph, so I had to use my non-existent photoshop skills to produce this;

I trust my finished quilt will look far superior to that!

Anyway, here's my plan;
1. Finish piecing the plates by June 27
2. Complete appliqueing the plates onto the blocks, and the centres on the blocks by July 4
3. Top complete by July 8.
4. Sandwich top by July 9.
5. Quilting complete by July 21.
6. Bound, sleeved and labelled by July 23.

It's a good plan... but there's a birthday party to be organised in there, as well as two weeks of school holidays.

I can do it! (gulp)

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Lynne said...

I cheering for you!