17 May 2010

Celebration of Wool

The Old Bus Depot Markets have themes for their market days, and yesterday was the Celebration of Wool. It was very festive, and the colours of the wool were just beautiful.

However, being restrained by the thought that I should only buy what I can knit, and by the thought of sharing my purchases with my husband, I came out with very little.

A lovely pair of wrist warmers. I think it was last year (but may have been the year before, gee you'd think I would've blogged it...)) that I bought some wrist warmers for the children, from the same stall. They've been great, so I bought some for me this time.

A great skein of Fibre Webs sock wool, and a sack bag from Buttontree Lane.



Lynne said...

Wow - what self control! It reminds me of Bendigo 2008! I went just to look!!

I did, however, bring home kilos of yarn from the Mill shop at Wangaratta which DD and I are still using).

Kylie said...

You were very restrained Leah - Love the colour of the yarn and that sock bag is a great shape.

Michelle said...

Gosh Leah - it was so lovely to finally meet you! I'm glad you got the goldfish sack. It was a personally favourite of mine while I was making it!

I love the markets on wool day - such a riot of colour everywhere you look!