8 Apr 2010

My creative space

Another inadvertent blogging break. However, I'm back now, and suddenly it's autumn again.

Perfect weather for paper piecing inside, while watching Project Runway (I tape it... and catch up in marathon sessions.)

Unfortunately, I made quite a big mistake cutting out some of the diamonds for this month's BOM, so I've been shopping for a different stripe, and my block will be different to the rest this time.


Kirsty said...

I'm loving Project Runway too & the need to cosy up a bit.

Michelle said...

A friend is taping PR and we are planning marathon sessions at her house. So much fun watching several in one go!

Love the fabric you are using in your quilt.

Are you going to Canberra Quilters tonight? I think I'll be there - my first in about 3 years, I think!

Sarah said...

The fabrics are all lovely. I have some PR taped that I need to watch too :)

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

I want Project Runway to come on to free TV

GretchenH said...

I'm doing this BOM also and received a different stripe than you did. Come on over to http://tessellationsbom.blogspot.com/ and see other variations.