27 Apr 2010

An autumn holiday

We spent a lovely week
in Australia's high country
where autumn has well and truly arrived.

15 Apr 2010

My creative space

Every day, I catch up with the blogworld through Google Reader with my morning coffee. Every single Thursday, I am surprised when My Creative Space appears on Kirsty's blog. (I don't know why...)

So, my blogging week becomes syncopated* with another creative space.

This week has been busy. It's school holidays. On Monday we went to speech therapy, had lunch with DH, visited the tourist info centre and went shopping. Tuesday, a trip to Bunnings (where we conveniently ran into Lucas' best friend and played for some time), and then home to plant the blueberry bush, rose, pansies and sweet peas. Wednesday was a trip to the Botanic Gardens with my sister and her kids, followed by a another shopping excursion. Today we're off to a party plan/playdate this morning.

Tomorrow is my quilting class. I've done nothing since the last one. So today's creative space will be a frantic one... catching up as much as possible. If I hadn't paid in advance for these classes, I think I'd be dropping out.

*I figure surprise leads to syncopation.

12 Apr 2010


was my mother-in-laws birthday. I made her a cake, and then we went for a walk in the country.

It was nice.

8 Apr 2010

My creative space

Another inadvertent blogging break. However, I'm back now, and suddenly it's autumn again.

Perfect weather for paper piecing inside, while watching Project Runway (I tape it... and catch up in marathon sessions.)

Unfortunately, I made quite a big mistake cutting out some of the diamonds for this month's BOM, so I've been shopping for a different stripe, and my block will be different to the rest this time.