2 Mar 2010

February was busy

Made, but not blogged in February included this little dress for my niece's birthday present;

My Ravelympics Gold Medal winning top for another niece;

(The Ravelympics projects had to be made entirely during the Winter Olympics. I'm excited since this is the first KnitALong that I have actually finished in time for.)

And finally my work in progress monthly block for the Tesselations Quilt through Material Obsession. I haven't done any paper piecing before, so it's all interesting.

I really want to get this block finished before Friday, since that will be my first class with Sue Cody at Addicted to Fabric. And I really want to keep up with the homework for those classes.

Quite possibly, it was bad idea to embark on two timed challenges like this... since I do not have a good record with things like this.

I've also been spending time with some tea towels. After the sun printing failed, I tried doing some potato printing. Another fail. I was planning to do some batik designs, but have since realised such a loose weave as these tea towels have is really a bad match for wax application (and more importantly removal.) Time is running out.


Tanya said...

That dress- ooh ahhh, and that knitted top----also very oooh ahhhh. You are one multi talented chicky! Tea towel work going on here too- also very aware that time is running out!!

Lynne said...

A gold medal - please stand for the Australian Knitters' Anthem! Yay!