11 Mar 2010

My Creative Space

Today, it's my quilting homework. Susanne Cody's "The Olive Tree" quilt class requires a LOT of homework - and today I'm hoping to finish the background quilting. It's Perle 8 on linen.

I'll be needing LOTS of coffee and David Attenborough's company to get me through.

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6 Mar 2010

Tesselations 1

My Block of the Month from Material Obsession, Brigitte Giblin's Tesselations Quilt has started.

My first block is complete, and I love it. I've never done paper piecing before.... but it's really quite straightforward, and the results are fabulous (especially when combined with these fabric choices.)

4 Mar 2010

My creative space...

Once again, it's tea towels.

But this time, they're finished.

This swap truly has been a learning experience, and all about the process. Some of the finished towels are much better than others... but there's not much I can do about that. I started off with 17, aiming to swap 10, but there were a lot of good ideas that didn't work along the way.

In the end, freezer paper (which I bought while in the USA in 1999) and a big butterfly punch were all I needed to create my tea towels, which I've named the Bogong Series, in homage to one of Canberra's favourite moths (in fact, it's probably THE favourite moth.)

They'll be posted tomorrow.

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2 Mar 2010

February was busy

Made, but not blogged in February included this little dress for my niece's birthday present;

My Ravelympics Gold Medal winning top for another niece;

(The Ravelympics projects had to be made entirely during the Winter Olympics. I'm excited since this is the first KnitALong that I have actually finished in time for.)

And finally my work in progress monthly block for the Tesselations Quilt through Material Obsession. I haven't done any paper piecing before, so it's all interesting.

I really want to get this block finished before Friday, since that will be my first class with Sue Cody at Addicted to Fabric. And I really want to keep up with the homework for those classes.

Quite possibly, it was bad idea to embark on two timed challenges like this... since I do not have a good record with things like this.

I've also been spending time with some tea towels. After the sun printing failed, I tried doing some potato printing. Another fail. I was planning to do some batik designs, but have since realised such a loose weave as these tea towels have is really a bad match for wax application (and more importantly removal.) Time is running out.