15 Feb 2010

Retreat roundup

I spent the weekend away, with a small group of friends. We stayed at a lovely B and B, with all delicious meals supplied. We shared a lovely big workroom, and quilted like crazy! Others also cross stitched, and tatted, and knitted. It rained all weekend, which was perfect weather for staying in and there was plenty of sunshine inside.

What a lovely escape. I really wondered why it had been so long since I did any sewing.

The other bonus was being around animals. The owners of Russel Lee have pet cats and dogs, and it was lovely spending time near them. I think the time is coming very soon when we'll be having a furry pet in our home again.


Helen said...

Ohhhh, that quilt top looks lovely!!!! Glad you had a great time.

becanne said...

I LOVE that quilt top.
I'm a bit afraid of using big bold prints like that and would have never picked them for a log cabin.
They look fantastic together like that.
I'm very impressed.
It sounds like a lovely place for a weekend.

Lynne said...

Ooo! how lovely (the quilt and the weekend retreat and the rain).