18 Feb 2010

My creative space

Today, I've been playing with tea towels, Setacolor Soleil, and paper doilies.

The instructions seem to say merely paint on the ink, put a stencil type object on top, and leave to dry in the sun. I hope it works, because the idea is exciting.

Tomorrow (or as soon as I locate that hunk of beeswax which is somewhere in the craft room), I'll be trying to batik some more tea towels.

I'm having a good time... but it really does remind me of primary school. So why should schoolkids get all the fun?

(On a similar note, popping into the art shop this morning, the blackboard, said something 'Stay in school, kids..... otherwise you too will work in retail!)

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Edited to add; Didn't work. Onwards and upwards then!

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june at noon said...

That looks very interesting. Hope it turns out!