2 Feb 2010


are never easy.

This morning, I took my children off to school, and left them there. And came home alone, not to return to 3pm.

They're so excited. Annabelle had a great first day yesterday, and liked absolutely everything about school (especially one little boy in her class.... who she wants to marry NOW Mummy.)

Lucas can't wait to get a new reader, and to play with his friend again. He doesn't think it will matter at all that they're not in the same class this year, since playing is at recess and lunch anyway.

Their classrooms are next to each other, which makes pickups easy for me (since, yes, I do wait for them outside the classroom.)

So, my main job is no longer. It was, of course, caring for my children full time. Which reminds me that I should have a two and a half year old daughter here with me.

I guess that means I'm now a housewife? Given the state of my house... that's a little embarrassing.

Maybe I'll call myself a fibre artist instead. Or a blogger.


Michelle said...

Oh, what treasures they are!

I think textile artist is a more than adequate job description!!

Lynne said...

I hope it's getting easier for you now. It seems like only yesterday that my one and only started school - last week she gave birth to our first grandchild! *sigh* (for children growing up not for grandchildren!!)