20 Feb 2010


That was the category I entered my Blankie into in my parents local country Show. It is a knee-sized rug, and was completely overwhelmed by enormous double bed sized crochet ripple blankets. Oh well.

Just looking at it makes me happy.

Blankie is made out of 8ply Bendigo Classic Wool, and measures approx 1 metre across. It is made to the Hemlock Ring pattern.

18 Feb 2010

My creative space

Today, I've been playing with tea towels, Setacolor Soleil, and paper doilies.

The instructions seem to say merely paint on the ink, put a stencil type object on top, and leave to dry in the sun. I hope it works, because the idea is exciting.

Tomorrow (or as soon as I locate that hunk of beeswax which is somewhere in the craft room), I'll be trying to batik some more tea towels.

I'm having a good time... but it really does remind me of primary school. So why should schoolkids get all the fun?

(On a similar note, popping into the art shop this morning, the blackboard, said something 'Stay in school, kids..... otherwise you too will work in retail!)

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Edited to add; Didn't work. Onwards and upwards then!

15 Feb 2010

Retreat roundup

I spent the weekend away, with a small group of friends. We stayed at a lovely B and B, with all delicious meals supplied. We shared a lovely big workroom, and quilted like crazy! Others also cross stitched, and tatted, and knitted. It rained all weekend, which was perfect weather for staying in and there was plenty of sunshine inside.

What a lovely escape. I really wondered why it had been so long since I did any sewing.

The other bonus was being around animals. The owners of Russel Lee have pet cats and dogs, and it was lovely spending time near them. I think the time is coming very soon when we'll be having a furry pet in our home again.

2 Feb 2010


are never easy.

This morning, I took my children off to school, and left them there. And came home alone, not to return to 3pm.

They're so excited. Annabelle had a great first day yesterday, and liked absolutely everything about school (especially one little boy in her class.... who she wants to marry NOW Mummy.)

Lucas can't wait to get a new reader, and to play with his friend again. He doesn't think it will matter at all that they're not in the same class this year, since playing is at recess and lunch anyway.

Their classrooms are next to each other, which makes pickups easy for me (since, yes, I do wait for them outside the classroom.)

So, my main job is no longer. It was, of course, caring for my children full time. Which reminds me that I should have a two and a half year old daughter here with me.

I guess that means I'm now a housewife? Given the state of my house... that's a little embarrassing.

Maybe I'll call myself a fibre artist instead. Or a blogger.